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The Newsletter

Our newsletter has all the inside information on the club and the club happenings.

July 2005 Meeting

Members in Attendance

  • Carl McLaughlin
  • DJ Whitehead
  • Louis Armour
  • Mike Coggins
  • Eric Aitala
  • Chris Crowder
  • Pat Hensley
  • Brent Hampton
  • Strat Karatassos
  • Jon Norman

Kits and WIP brought in by members

  • Pat brought some aircraft kits - a Stuka, a Zero, and an S-3 Viking.
  • Jon brought a variety of models.
  • Carl brought armored cars and tank kits.
  • Louis brought the biiiiig Polar Lights Enterprise kit.


Old Business

  • None

New Members

  • None

New Business

  • Show
    • Made a little money
    • Contest next year?
    • Contact Hobby Shops
    • Raffle kits - used all our stock
    • Little Rock and Knoxville on same weekend. LR is moving date to the fall (?).
    • Cars Kits - how to get more
      • NNL Show?
      • Contact other clubs & people.
    • Raffle tickets with entry fee and front table
    • $10 for 1st kit and $1 per after.
    • Advertising?
    • Ole Miss and MSU school paper articles?
    • Unanimous vote to have '06 show.
  • IPMS Chapter membership
    • Handle this early this year.
    • Carl & Mike swap positions
    • need 5 members in IPMS along with officers.


  • No Demo
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