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Oldies but Goodies

"Oldies but Goodies, What are They?"

This term is probably overused when describing old rock-and-roll songs, but it seems to fit when applied to old model kits. Most of these haven't been around (except maybe on E-Bay) for quite a number of years, but occassionally turn up as repops or even as new-old-stock (NOS) at retail stores.
In this context, an "Oldie but Goodie" would be not just any old kit, but one that was a personal favorite, or a milestone in model kit production. Several come to mind immediately, see the article on Lindberg's ships. In this column, I plan to share with you some of my own favorites, and I'd like to invite other readers to do the same. We may even take a poll of all-time favorite kits in various catagories.
An "Oldie but Goodie" could be a model that has special meaning to the builder, maybe a first kit built, or a model of something that symbolizes something special in the builder's life. It can have as much to do with the modeler as with the model. Fairly recent kits can be "Oldies but Goodies" for some of our younger modelers.
I hope that our older modelers will enjoy recalling some of these kits, and the rest of us may enjoy learning about them through this column. Les Foran.