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Contest Rules


  1. The contest is open to all modelers, without regard to IPMS membership.
  2. Contestants may enter models for a fellow modeler who is not attending the contest, as long as the builder's name is on the entry. Entry fees for proxy models will be at the standard rate. All entries must be the sole work of the individual whose name is on the entry blank.
  3. Models that have won First, Second, or Third place awards in any category of any previous IPMS/USA National or Regional model contest may not be entered in the contest for awards except as part of a collection.
  4. Test Shot or pre-production examples of kits not yet commercially available may not be entered for awards.
  5. The MS Modelers may exclude from public display any entries which they consider offensive to generally acknowledged standards of taste or acceptability.
  6. Junior division categories are limited to members 17 years and younger.
  1. PLASTIC DEFINITION. For the contest Plastic includes but is not necessarily limited to polystyrene, ABS plastic, celluloids, polyethylene, vinyls, epoxy and polyester resin, fiberglass, acetates, acrylics, nylon, other synthetic fibers and monofilament, and other plastic modeling compounds. Neoprene rubber is also defined as plastic for this contest.
  2. COMPOSITION. The use of plastic as set forth, above is encouraged; however, the use of other modeling materials is allowed as the builder sees fit. Judging standards of finish, attention to detail, and authenticity will be the same regardless of the materials used.
  3. MISSILES/ROCKETS. All vehicle-carried or mobile missiles or rockets will be placed in the Armor division: category 209. Missiles used in space research which originated as military vehicles (e.g. Atlas/Centaur or Mercury/Redstone) will be placed in the non-fiction Spacecraft Category.
  4. BASES/DIORAMAS. Bases will be allowed in all categories and will not be considered in the judging except in the Diorama classes. A base becomes a diorama if there is any interaction between it and the model. Dioramas are judged not only on the technical merit of their construction but also on the strength of the theme or story they present, so that if two dioramas were technically equal the one having the stronger theme or story would win. Figure entries will not be classified as dioramas by the inclusion of accessories supplied in the figure kit.
  5. OUT-OF-THE-BOX entries will be governed by the following rules:
    A. KITS. Any commercially available kit (injection molded, resin, vacuformed or multimedia Hi-Tech) may be entered as long as it is a COMPLETE kit.
    B. FINISH. The natural plastic finish may be retained or it may be foil-covered or painted with brush, spray can, or airbrush. Decals other than those included with the kit may be used. Insignia markings, and instrument panels may be hand painted instead of decaled. Weathering is permitted.
    C. CONSTRUCTION. The modeler may fill seams and gaps; sand off rivets; drill out gun ports, exhaust pipes, or their appropriate openings; thin to scale such parts as trailing edges, flaps, and doors; add rigging and antennas; and add simple tape or decal seat belts in the cockpit of an aircraft or the interior of a vehicle (NO manufactured hardware e.g., buckles, etc.)
    D. IT IS NOT PERMITTED TO: vacuform, manufacture, or replace any part, or substitute parts from another kit; cut or separate canopies, surfaces, hatches, doors, etc. (No major surgery); combine a standard kit with a conversion kit; add anything other than specified on the instruction sheet except as allowed in Section C
    E. INSTRUCTION SHEETS. Modelers must attach the kit instruction sheet to the entry form. Models entered without an attached kit instruction sheet will not be considered for an Out-of-the-Box award.
  6. JUDGES. Judges may not judge a category in which they are entered. Registered IPMS members are eligible and encouraged to assist in judging regardless of club affiliation.
  7. Models will be judged against other entries for skill in construction, finish, accuracy, and realism. First, second, and third place awards will be given in every category where appropriate, plus Honorable Mentions as the judges see fit.
  8. No model may be entered in more than one category other than the Special Awards.
  9. Contest registrars will help determine proper entry categories for models during registration, but the final category placement is at the discretion of contest judges. Judges may also combine or split categories during final Judging.
  11. Judges may pick up models to judge or to relocate as required. Reasonable care will be exercised. No liability for loss or damage to contest entries is assumed by MS Modelers.