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The Newsletter

Our newsletter has all the inside information on the club and the club happenings.

January 2004 Meeting

Members in Attendance

  • Carl McLaughlin
  • Eric Aitala
  • DJ Whitehead
  • Chris Crowder
  • Mike Coggins
  • Louis Armour
  • Patrick Hensley
  • Mark Neaves
  • Stephen Jacobs
  • James Parks

Kits and WIP brought in by members

  • Chris brought in the interios of his Lamborghini kit.
  • Carl brought in several armor kits.
  • Eric brought in a Lotus Super 7 car kit.
  • Louis brought in a Godzilla movie model.
  • Pat brought in several naval kits.
  • DJ brought in two Hunley kits - same scale, different size!

See the pictures

Old Business

  • None

New Members

New Business

  • Thanks to Louis and family for the Christmas Gathering.
  • Region 3 show in Atlanta end of January.
  • Birmingham show April 3.
  • Tuskegee Airmen Static Show at Columbus Airbase sometime soon.


Airbrushing by Carl McLaughlin

Carl showed us airbrushing techniques on his WWII tanks.


  • Thin paint to milk consistency with laquer thinner.
  • Experiment with ratios depending on your air pressure and technique. Carl figures he uses two parts paint to one part thinner.
  • German armor paint schemes vary depending on method, period in war, and amount of time crews had to paint the tank. Early was tanks were grey, while from 1943 on they were multicolored - yellow sand, brown, and green being a common scheme.
  • Camo should break up the edges of the tanks sides, turret, etc.


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